Nikki Fappiano for Board of Education

Nikki Fappiano for

Torrington Board of Education


Vote Row B on November 5th!

Dedicated to students success in Torrington Public Schools.


Why I’m Running

Our children deserve to live in a safe community that nurtures, motivates and helps them reach their fullest potential. Our community deserves leaders who work collaboratively embracing the highest level of integrity to find solutions and champion initiatives that serve the interests of our children and families.  My goal is to build a school system that works for all students. 

Let’s Work Together! 


When Elected I hope to :


☑️ Establish a Strategic Outlook for the district inclusive of both short and long term initiatives.     

-       We need to set a measurable step by step plan that gives the district something to work towards. We need a guiding light that drives and helps steer the decisions we make for our students on a daily bases. Without a guiding plan it’s easy to get lost in the day to day and lose track of the long term vision. The question of where do we want to be in 2 years leads us to what do we do this year to get there, and then what can I do today to move in that direction. Successful planning is nothing more than putting together many steps in the right direction

☑️ Improve Accountability by setting measurable goals that are shared and tracked against

-       If we set goals, and deadlines, we need to review how we’re doing on a regular basis. These goals and deadlines, and their reviews should be publicized and made available to parents and the community.

-       I will encourage the BOE to maintain a rolling list of goals and objectives broken down on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis.  At each meeting we can review what we said we want to get done and compare it to what we did get done. If nothing else, the monthly review of our goals and objectives will keep them fresh in our mind with nothing being overlooked.

☑️ Increase Transparency to parents and community.  Whether the issue has to do with budget priorities, staffing decisions or changes in direction within the district, clear, complete and timely communication is absolutely essential.      

-       Live stream Board of Education meetings on Facebook or other appropriate channel. I believe parents want to be involved but are constantly running in a number of directions – work, school activities, and sports. How do we make the meetings more accessible.

-       Develop social media and website initiatives, inclusive of a district Blog, that are focused on engagement and reaching members of the community.

-       Prioritize communication to the community in decision making especially around the budget and policy changes to encourage participation from parents, teachers, and the community.

-       Look into community school models, which turns schools into community hubs that align resources to support student achievement, strengthen families and build stronger communities.  A comprehensive approach for improving academic achievement by coordinating the services and supports that students need to be successful in school.

-       Implement a quarterly pulse survey that takes the climate of parents and teachers and provides a forum for stakeholders to share how they are feeling about the progress of the district.


☑️ Revise Budgeting practices that focuses on long term initiatives and student-based funding

-       Work with the Superintendent and Board members to revise how we look at future budget planning. I’d like to see us implement Priority-Based Practices. This is similar to zero based budgeting where budgets are not dictated to prior year spending but instead tied to specific focus areas and activities. This would give us purpose and direction on how the money should be spent to achieve our goals.

-       See the budget be published and reviewed in an easy-to-read format that can help parents and members of the community digest the large amounts of data and understand what and how the funds are being used and better understand discrepancies between goals and spending.

-       Work with the Board to create a 5 year spending plan that helps give the community an outlook on how we expect spending to go in the future based on our goals and vision.